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Welcome to Sydney Airway Clinic.

I’m Jalal and having been a dentist for more than a decade, I knew that something was missing. You see, we are told that ‘the mouth is the gateway to the body’ but we are never taught about how that is? So I began to ask questions. And my questions slowly became better and better. 

Soon I found myself graduating from thinking of dentistry as simply ‘just about teeth’ and I realised that the jaws, which housed the teeth, actually had a big role to play in general health.

Sydney Airway Clinic is the culmination of more than five years of intense work in understanding the true underpinnings behind optimal health from a dental standpoint as well as a medical standpoint.

It is my pleasure to offer you a unique approach to care in the fields of airway dentistry, sleep medicine and much more.

So why have I, a dentist, created an airway clinic?

Dr Steven Park, an ENT Physician, remarks in the preface to his widely respected book “Sleep Interrupted“, that “breathing is the most fundamental physiologic activity that we all must do to survive.”

Well, I realised that the jaws are supposed to grow forwards, out, of our heads. If they don’t grow adequately, the stagnated growth of the jaws will leads to a squashed airway. The tongue and lower jaw literally block up the airway and breathing apparatus. 

This compromises our ability to breathe and this is literally a threat to our life. 

What results is a series of postural compensations throughout the body to help make it easier for one to breathe. This appears as:

  • forward head posture
  • TMJ disorders
  • neck pain
  • shoulder pain
  • back pain
  • hip pain
  • even foot pain!

You see, the body will compromise whatever structures it needs to in order to make it easy for you to continue to breathe. Typically, the cervical (neck) spine and the jaw joints are the first structures sacrificed.

The difficulties breathing and postural compensations have far reaching implications on one’s health. The person suffering such a predicament may be stuck in fight or flight (aka sympathetic drive) because the difficulty breathing is a threat to their survival. The postural compensations can affect movement, fascia and have implications to quantum coherence. Quantum coherence is a term that refers to the coherence of all the water networks contained within the fascia. These water networks are a quantum communication highway of energy and information. 

You may wonder if underdeveloped jaws could be relevant to you?

It’s probably rare right?

Well we are currently living through a small-jaw epidemic. Just look around at how many people have crooked teeth. Or, if they have straight teeth now, how many needed braces to straighten their crooked teeth? Crowded teeth are really a symptom of a much more serious underlying condition: underdeveloped jaws. 

So crowded teeth = small jaws = compromised airway = poor breathing = poor sleep = poor regeneration during sleep = far-reaching negative health implications.

That being said, poor sleep is not just a story about dysfunctional breathing.

Sleep hygiene, our relationship with light and many other factors have key roles to play in sleep. I cover this in most of my consultations with patients and I regularly share information about this on social media

Having graduated from dentist to oral physician, my focus is to create a functional mouth, jaw, cranial and postural system that supports your optimal health. 

I look forward to working with you.