Homeoblock Australia

What is homeoblock?

Sydney Airway Clinic is excited to offer the Homeoblock Protocol to our patients. Dr Jalal has been privileged to receive one-on-one mentorship from the founder, Ted Belfour.

Homeoblock is a removable dentofacial orthopaedic appliance, worn day and night, that helps patients breathe better and restore facial asymmetries to balance.

We all have an pre-programmed codes for our facial development. This is housed in our genes. However, environmental influences, may have resulted in us not reaching this encoded genetic potential. 

Things may have gone off track in our development and the Homeoblock is able to tap into this genetic code and bring us back on track.

A video about how the Homeoblock works

The homeoblock has a unique design that signals the body to remodel facial bones, strengthen facial muscles, straighten teeth and improve airway size. The brilliance of the appliance is its ability to restore balance and what Ted Belfour, the founder, describes as “neurocranial homeostasis”. 

James Nestor, the author of the groundbreaking book Breath, has also been treated with the homeoblock protocol.

Using craniofacial epigenetics, the appliance gently signals stems cells in the cranial sutures to differentiate into bone laying cells (osteoblasts) that begin depositing bone. Activated by swallowing, the resultant light intermittent cyclical forces on the teeth effect this desired bone cell response. The light intermittent forces encourage the bones to redevelop to their original genetic potential. 

The result is a gentle, non-surgical and controlled jaw and mid-facial development. This improves the aesthetic appearance of our patients who may have asymmetries and imbalance in their facial development. It also improves the patency of the airway to improve one’s ability to breathe functionally. 

Some of the benefits patients enjoy include:

  • Increased midfacial bone volume for a younger, enhanced facial appearance
  • Improved nasal airway volume
  • Improved airway function
  • Straighter teeth and wider smile
  • Decompression of the temporomandibular joint
  • Anti-aging effects such as decreased lines and wrinkles
  • Better facial symmetry

Treatment success depends on the presenting condition, patient compliance and the genetic potential of the patient. 

Detailed videos about the Homeoblock protocol and treatment results can be found here.

Real case animations of facial changes created by the Homeoblock.