Meet the team

B.Dent (USyd), B. Med.Sci (UNSW)

Hi there, I’m Jalal. You can call me Dr. Khan if you prefer, but I’m not so big on formalities.

See, dentistry is a very personal thing for me. After all, you’re entrusting me with your health, and maybe even your family’s. It’s really an honour.

What drives me is my deep commitment to empowering my patients with optimal health. This means pushing myself to find the cutting edge of not just dentistry, but also medicine. The latter has been covered by my endless study in the field of quantum biology. However the former was unfinished business.

Over the years, my approach to my patients has graduated from teeth to jaws. However I still felt there was something missing. By combining with Cole, I genuinely believe this to be the holy grail of dentistry.

Understanding that the jaws are an extension of the cranium and using this appreciation to guide craniofacial development in children and craniofacial rehabilitation in adults.

I haven’t been this excited about dentistry since I graduated.

From dentist to oral physician.

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M.Ost.Med, M.Hlth (Clin. Rehab.), B.Clin.Sci, BFA

Cole has been in the health arena since 1998 and started his parenting journey in 2003 with his eldest of four.

In 2010 he was introduced to the world of functional dentistry and it has captivated him ever since. A few months later he was working his way towards entry into dental school via his first Masters degree when he met an osteopath who changed the course of his life and career.

Fast forward 10 fairly gruelling years of study and he qualified for his second Masters degree in Osteopathic Medicine. Alongside his university studies the same osteopathic mentor schooled him in cranial osteopathy. Through this discipline he found a deep and ever-lasting fascination in the way the skull, brain and spine interact, especially to form the structures of the face, airways, teeth, lips and tongue.

He suffered sleep disordered breathing as a child, undiagnosed until he was an adult of 34 when he learnt the power of functional breathing and its impact on energy levels, fitness and general health.

From the first day of waking up without a lingering fatigue, he knew his mission was helping kids with breathing and sleep issues to not suffer so long before they find help. The Quantum Kid pulls together the threads of Cole’s career and life experience, culminating in something he believes can be life-changing for both the children and families he serves.

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