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Introductory information

The mouth is not just about your smile. It is the gateway to the human body. Allow us explain what we aim to achieve for our patients, whether they are children or adults.

It may sound strange but there is a small jaw epidemic. Just think about how many people you know with crowded teeth! Read about how this happened.

Sleep apnoea is not sleep-disordered breathing. Find out what it really is.

Extra Information

Lots of information here including:

  • Videos about Homeoblock
  • The Homeoblock website
  • James Nestor speaks
  • A dentist heals himself of chronic illness just by breathing better


Here you’ll find all the scientific articles and papers to support our treatment philosophy.


There is more to snoring than just the sound. Read why.

A a very serious condition with widespread health effects that reduces life expectancy and increases the risk of severe chronic illness. Not to mention that it’s very common and that 80% of patients with sleep apnoea don’t know they have it! Read more here.

Another serious condition that commonly affects young and fit individuals. Regularly have cold hands and feet? Are you a light sleeper? You’ll be surprised how many people have UARS. This is a must read.

Here is a simple explanation about the technology behind the unique appliances we use. Read more here.

A run down of what the jaw joint’s (TMJ’s) structure is and how this can become jaw joint disorder. 

How do we do orthodontics?

Here we discuss our assessment of nasal blockages, the implications of mouth breathing to facial development and the importance of muscle balance in long term stability.

Signs and symptoms

An extensive list of signs and symptoms categorised, for your convenience, into the bodily systems.

Find out why mouthbreathing is extremely unhealthy.

Functional or Integrative Medicine

The autonomic nervous system is a little known system that is responsible for 70% of your bodily functions. Poor breathing while sleeping disrupts the balance and the effects in the long term are terrible. Find out how autonomic imbalance happens

More than just a circadian rhythm modulator! Read more here.

Who would have thought? Menopause can seriously alter a female’s sleep quality. Read more here.