Informative Resources

Below are some resources providing further information about some of the services we offer and why we offer them.

The Homeoblock website

What is dentofacial epigenetics?

Dr Ted Belfor’s Vimeo channel:

The groundbreaking research paper from a leader in the field, Soroush Zaghi, demonstrating that myofunctional therapy alone can decrease the severity of sleep apnoea by 50% in adults and 62% in children. 

A great video put together by Audrey Yoon with some useful myofunctional therapy exercises.

James Nestor, the author of “Breath – the new science of a lost art” speaks about why we have dysfunctional breathing,  improper jaw development and the impact it has on our health. He mentions Dr Ted Belfor, the Homeoblock appliance and how it helped him greatly.

A fabulous visual articulation of the link between airways and TMJ

Dr Tom Colquitt speaks about how this is a “quest to save homo sapiens from extinction…one naso-diaphragmatic breath at a time”. He explains how his tongue couldn’t achieve his genetically prescribed function leading to mouth breathing, poor posture, poor development and chronic inflammation.

“We can’t breathe 24/7, it’s just worst at night due to gravity and atonia [a lack of muscle tone induced by sleep]”