Our Protocol

Sydney Airway Clinic is devoted to providing an environment for you to restore balance to your health. In doing so, you are then empowered to achieve your optimal health.

Our primary focus is re-establishing functional breathing. The protocol of treatment for our patients is centred upon five major pillars:

  1. ensure dentofacial structure is correct
  2. ensure nasal structure is correct
  3. ensure upper cervical spine is correct
  4. educate our patients in functional breathing
  5. re-establish correct muscular behaviour during function and whilst at rest

What do we need to formulate our diagnosis and treatment plan?

Step 1

A thorough medical, dental, sleep and social history

Step 2

A clinical examination of your posture and facial structure

Step 3

A clinical examination of your mouth

Step 4

A radiological examination using our in-house CBCT.

Collating all this information together, we now have sufficient data to devise a treatment plan that is specific to help restore your balance.

The clinicians and experts that collaborate to plan and carry out your treatment include (click each discipline listed below):

An Airways-Focussed Functional Dentist

Dentofacial orthopaedics is a discipline that corrects underdeveloped jaws and malaligned jaw relationships. Dr Jalal uses removable, biomimetic appliances designed by Homeoblock and Vivos Therapeutics to guide facial growth and development.

By harnessing the power of craniofacial epigenetics, the suite of Homeoblock and Vivos appliances is able to unlock your jaws’ full development potential, something that may have been hindered by reasons outlined here.

The Vivos appliances restore harmony between your jaws and surrounding anatomy. In doing so, the patient’s upper airways increase in size, sleep quality improves dramatically and our patients see a significant improvement in quality of life.

A Functional Medicine Doctor - who is also a nutritionist!

Our Functional Medicine doctor, Dr Vinesh Singh, is very skilled at tailoring treatment to help rid you of the root causes behind any chronic illnesses you may have. His focus is on helping his patients achieve an optimal state of health, for as long as possible.

In addition to his extensive medical experience, he also holds a Diploma in Nutrition. This is critical. With food and diet being so crucial to balance and health it is very important our patients received a personalised diet suited purely to their needs. This provides the nutritional foundation at home to support all the breathing work we are doing for our patients.

Functional medicine is personalised medicine and Dr Vinesh is a key member of the integrated team at Sydney Airway Clinic.


A Functional Breathing Specialist

A functional breathing specialist is paramount to our protocol for treatment. There is no point correcting structure if the dysfunctions are not reversed. There is no point guiding jaw development and improving nasal airflow without retraining oneself on how to use the airway effectively.

Our specialist, Dr Roger Price, uses capnography and live biofeedback to empower our patients to breathe functionally. They also get free access to a phone app to track and improve their breathing habits after the consultation.

An ENT Surgeon

An ENT surgeon plays a very important role. The nose forms a major part of the upper airway and it’s patency (openness). ENT management is necessary to ensure the nasal passage is clear for enable functional nasal breathing.

An Upper Cervical (NUCCA) Practitioner

Our heads are balanced off the first cervical vertebra, the Atlas. The brainstem is an important structure at the base of the brain that connects the brain to the spinal cord. It houses 10 of the 12 cranial nerves and plays a critical role in regulating many involuntary actions of the body, such as our heartbeat and breathing.

The brainstem passes through the atlas (C1). At this level, 77 trillion nerves pass through C1. So when the C1 is misaligned, it impacts the brains ability to send nerve signals, via the brainstem to the spinal cord and peripheral nervous system. The vital communication pathway between the brain and the body is compromised. C1 misalignment also has a dramatic impact on abnormal spinal curvatures and unhealthy postures.

Dr Cecilia Yu is a specialised NUCCA practitioner. She takes a thorough history and careful clinical examination. From our CBCT images, she can calculate how far out of alignment the C1 is and uses those calculations to guide her alignment. The alignment is very mathematical. There is no guesswork.

The alignment process is painless and surprisingly fast. Best part is, there is no cracking, popping or twisting!

An Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist

OMT is a field that uses specific exercises to eliminate muscular dysfunction in swallowing and improper tongue posture. The exercises are painless, simple and not time-consuming. In activating these oral and facial muscles to function correctly, muscle balance is restored during the day. This leads to better tongue postures during the night which promotes nasal breathing and an open airway while we sleep.

A Sleep Physician

A sleep physician helps provide an initial diagnosis of any breathing disordered sleep, as well as its severity.

At the end of treatment, we engage a sleep physician again to quantify just how much our treatment has helped our patients. It’s important we have data to guide our clinical decisions. Quantifiable data on sleep quality helps guides us to make an objective decision on when to cease treatment.