Functional Dental and Airway Medicine

What is functional dentistry?

Functional dentistry focusses on understanding the underlying root cause of a patient’s signs and symptoms. The term does not imply alternative dentistry. It is evidence based dental medicine. Whilst much of dentistry today is focused purely on teeth, functional dentists (or oral physicians) understand the mechanisms behind facial pain, chronic illness and systemic imbalance at a much deeper level.

The connection between airway, breathing, sleep, TMD and craniofacial pain is well documented. In 1977, Dr A. Fonder published a book called “The Dental Physician”. Ahead of its time, this book outlined how an impaired mouth had drastic implications on general health. He coined the term dental distress syndrome.

In order to really understand what Dr Fonder was describing, I’ve honed my knowledge of anatomy, neuroanatomy, neurophysiology and biochemistry. The trigeminal nerve, its trigeminocervical complex and the trigeminovascular system are major pathways that connect the mouth to the rest of the body.

I now understand why inadequate development of the jaw bones leads to compensations in function. When we don’t function as well as we should, this prolonged compensation results in pathological physiology that causes chronic imbalance and the development of debilitating chronic diseases.

Functional dentistry uses this understanding to develop a treatment plan that re-establishes an appropriate oral environment for:

  • Functional breathing
  • Correct jaw posture
  • A balanced dental bite
  • Aligned cervical vertebrae
  • Healthy cranial bones

With this environment restored, quality sleep returns, breathing is functional and the body is in balance. 

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The small jaw epidemic.

With underdeveloped jaws being so widespread, functional dental and airway medicine is an important consideration in the treatment of chronic illness. 

In order to understand how to move forward, we must look at what went wrong in the first place.

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Why is your airway so important?

We breathe all day, everyday, but many of us are breathing dysfunctionally. Understand why we need to focus on the airway to restore balance to our health.

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So what do we actually do?

Now comes the exciting part!

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Are you a good candidate for treatment?

Perhaps you’re not sure if we can be of help you?

Read about what signs and symptoms to look out for.

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Other important topics

Other important functional dentistry topics.

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